Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Your Body Language Driving Men Away?

How to be warm, welcoming and inviting to love?

Women are accustomed to being judged according to our looks. Our experience is that men approach and pursue us based on physical appearance alone. While not appreciating being judged by how attractive we are and feeling as though this reduces us to mere sex objects what is a female to do?

Ladies I am posing the question, is it possible that we may be completely mistaken in our perception of how men view women? Let's say for a moment that men are NOT superficial but rather highly perceptive and while evaluating us according to our looks see far more about us than we thought possible..

Not at all ignoring that men are largely controlled by their oftentimes overpowering response to female allure however as men mature they start developing more appreciation of internal aspects of women. And these subtle inner qualities are more apparent to a man with even just a cursory look than we can imagine. I have been discovering the amazing things men can discern simply by looking at a woman.

So the hidden truth is: Men can determine what going on in the inside of a woman by how she looks on the outside

When a man looks at a woman's body, he sees far more than his preferred female parts. They are able to determine in a glance by how a woman carries and moves her body whether or not she is hostile or open and receptive, patient or a control freak

Men clearly see if a woman is confident, has low-self-esteem, on the defensive, or is comfortable with herself., They notice if a woman lavishes herself with care and love in how she moves and through her action or if she. And tell exactly what she thinks of herself. As one man stated "I can tell if she thinks she's beautiful, thinks she's ugly, or doesn't think about herself at all."

Men keep away when we appear like this:

Bitter women have a pinched look. Resentment creates sharp edges on a woman's face making her seem uninviting regardless if how pretty she is.

When we are upset or angry our faces can have the look of being clouded or muddled. Causing men to keep their distance if a woman is happy, reflects a warmth that draws m. Being peaceful with self and the world shows up as a softening of your face that makes you appear welcoming and inviting

Eyes & Lips and what they reveal to men

Your eyes are truly the window to your soul and reveal every emotion and hide nothing. When women are experiencing anything from joy, to resentment to passion the pupils adjust accordingly and make the eyes reflect whatever you are feeling. Majority of men agree that eyes are the most attractive feature on any woman. Alison Armstrong quotes 'One man in his 30s stated, "The most extraordinary thing is to look into a woman's eyes and see that she accepts you."

Lips tell so much without us even speaking. They also respond to emotion such as when they narrow when we are feeling distress. Do not underestimate the mesmerizing effect of a woman's smile According to Alison Armstrong of Understand Men 'A man on the panel in Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women stated, "You can tell if a woman is just smiling because she is supposed to and it's false. The best thing is when a woman smiles at you, and the smile was meant just for you." So be sure to maximize the power of a genuine smile."'

Surprise yourself by asking a man what he truly sees

Ask the men in your life if this is true. Doing your own investigating you will be pleasantly surprised how insightful men are. Be sure to ask "What can you tell about a woman just by looking at her?" Listen and let them teach you. Take the plunge and ask, "What can you tell when you look at me?"

Be open to receiving his truth otherwise he will sense that you are expecting a particular answer will not be comfortable in being honest with you.

Men when judging us by our appearance are picking up on far more than mere outward presence. Our looks convey clearly who and what we really are. A man may be sexually attracted by great rack or awesome legs, and by blatant sexuality. But you are much better off when he is charmed and enchanted by the happiness, confidence, passion and acceptance that exudes all over you.

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